Colorado Falls Colors - Wild-Earth-Illuminations

Colorado Falls Colors

October 3-7 / 2016 - $1395 ($500 Deposit) - Limited to 8 Participants.  Optional 2 day extension experience $450 each person


The San Juan Mountains and Sneffles Wilderness are legendary for fall color photography.  We will be situated in Rigway, Co which is tremendous hub that allows us so many options for both sunrise, sunset, midday and starlight shooting. Some of our locations will include County roads 5.7.9, Owl Creek Pass, Last Dollar Road, Chimney Rock and many less known locations in the Mount Sneffles Wilderness area. 

Although we will be visiting many beautiful locations, creative and artistic growth will be the priority and focus of this workshop.  Photographers must be willing to make the most of the location and conditions present, willing to embrace less than ideal  conditions as a opportunity for creative growth.  


• Adventurous photographs willing and able hike, drive and work off the beaten path.  

• Curious photographers eager to push beyond their current creative boundaries. • Excited photographers ready to move past documentary or representational image making.

• Informed photographers that understand how their cameras function.  

• Accepting photographers willing to make the most of the conditions present. 

• Exuberant photographers capable of early morning (pre-sunrise) photo excursions. 


• Photographers with limited or impaired physical mobility.

• Location based photographers un-interested in prioritizing artistic growth.  

• Photographers that need assistance with basic camera operations. 


Although autumn can be spectacularly beautiful with radiant displays of color, it's energy is markedly different than the effulgence of summer.  Autumn is natures way of letting go of what is no longer necessary and serving, something we humans often struggle to do.  Why is this important to you?  Simply put, for artists, autumn is the invitation to let go what is no longer serving your creative expression.  Learn to focus on only what is truly important and essential to the creative process.  Once we are capable of working in accordance with this seasons natural energies and cycles we can learn to better attune to and recognize what maybe obscuring our creative emergence.  


We will meet in Rigway at 12 noon on October 3rd.  at the Rigway Public Library.  Our workshop will conclude after a group lunch on October 7th. approximately 1pm.  


This will be a exciting opportunity to explore several lesser knownlocations in and around the Mount Sneffles Wilderness area.  We will take this opportunity to explore some beautiful day hikes through aspens lined trails.  

Visiting these more remote areas will NOT require backpacking, however participants should expect moderately strenuous day hikes of up to 10 total, including a possible morning hike and late afternoon hike.  Be sure to bring plenty of snacks for the day hikes.


1. Ridgeway Lodge and Suites - (800) 368-5444 -

2. Chipeta Sun Lodge and Spa - (970) 626-3737 -

3. Adobe Inn - (970) 626-5939 -Adobeinnridgwaycom

4. Orris Inn - (970) 626-5324 -


1. Beaumont Hotel - (970) 325-7000 -

2. St. Elmo Hotel - (970) 325-4951 -

3. China Clipper Inn - (970) 325-0565 -


• A detailed pack and prep list (once you register).

• Expert guidance to all of the areas greatest locations.

• Transportation between all shooting locations.

• In-field technical instructions related to composition, control of light, focus stacking, etc. 

• In-field practices for maximizing your unique creative expression including visualization and awareness practices as well as breathing and bodily somatic practices for radically shifting your state to one of pure presence and peak creative expression.  

• Creative & detailed image processing techniques that fully capture and reflect YOUR unique creative vision.  Powerful post precessing techniques that fully integrates your experience in the field with the expression of the final image creation.


• Transportation to and from our primary meeting point, Silverton, CO

• Any snacks, alcohol or beverages.  

• Lodging & car rental


• You are registration for the San Juan Mountain Fall Colors Workshop running October 3-7/2016.

• This is a small group tour limited to 8 participants. Although the mountains of southwest Colorado are extraordinarily beautiful during fall, expect numerous inclement or ever severe and abrupt weather changes through the tour.

• Hotel accommodations or camping will be at your discretion and expense. Consider one of the suggested lodging options or explore your own. As another option, nomadic style backcountry or designated camping will also be an option depending upon the planned shooting locations. In other words, as the shooting locations are determined (Usually the day before) your camp can be re-located for easiest and quickest access to our preferred shooting locations. Also, if you are considering camping, please keep in mind the night time temperatures are very cold and can drop well below freezing!

• You will need to prepare for cold weather camping which may include a four season tent, portable heater, and possibly a -20° cold weather sleeping bag! Of course use your own best judgment, but if there are any doubts or uncertainties please do not hesitate to contact me.

• Suggested local lodging accommodations will require a 20-45 minute drive to our scheduled shooting locations. It will be the responsibility of the individual participants to manage their time, morning wake ups and transportation to and from shooting locations. As a group we will ride share when ever possible.

• If the shooting locations require 4x4 access Shane will provide the group with a 4x4 rental as and when needed. I look forward to meeting you shooting together! Best Regards, Shane McDermott

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