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What is VisionQuest PhotoJourney

Awakening your Unique Creative Expression

  • Depths of Illuminations - Toroweep, Arizona

Copyright © 2013, Wild Earth Illuminations, All Rights Reserved.
  • Canyon Ecstasy - Zion National Park, Utah
					Copyright © 2013, Shane McDermott's Wild Earth Illuminations, All Rights Reserved.

VisionQuest Photography has emerged out of Shane's 25 years of study and practice in the healing arts, yoga, meditation and his love of nature photography.  VisionQuest photoJourney has been distilled into an extraordinary creative teaching that allows photographers and artists a radically different way of approaching their experience of photography.  Simply put, the practice is meant to "Awaken your unique creative expression". 

The practice is one of learning to become fully present to all the creative faculties available to us in any given moment, many of which go completely un-noticed unless we learn to recognize and attune to them.  Imagine a completely  harmonious experience of your mind, body and soul, one in which your thoughts, feelings and actions unify seamlessly as your greatest creative expression moment to moment.   Here is some of what you will learn:

• Quieting the mind to overcome distracting thoughts and focus on important creative goals

• Learn to temporarily suspend pre-visualizations recognizing them as potential distractions to what is truly present

• Learn to powerfully open and direct your awareness in ways that allow you to see and experience the larger whole without missing  smaller equally important details for creative composition. 

• Clearly recognize and attune to the emotional energetic dimensions of your creative experience, without becoming fixated on merely the external forms of what you are photographing.  

• Access both the technical and creative hemispheres of your brain simultaneously. 

• Accessing greater freedom and function within your breath and body.

• Break the habit of visual dominance.

• Learn to awaken, align and unify all your sensory faculties as powerful creative tools.  

• recognize and understand the biases of your mind that prevent you from noticing what is truly present moment to moment.  


"Shane McDermott's workshops are really a treat. I have attended a number of them over the years and enjoyed each one immensely. What a talented photographer! But as much as I love his images, I love his ability to help me focus my creative "voice" and get the most out of my photography.

Shane's technical knowledge, creativity, and unique approach to photography have really added to the tools I use when I am out shooting. I find myself going through many of the things he taught me each time I shoot. These methods and ideas have truly improved my photography.

I am especially impressed by Shane's ability to work specifically with each workshop attendee. He focuses in on each person, understanding their individual issues, and helping them to improve. I know my photography is better because of his instruction and input. I will certainly be attending workshops with Shane in the future."

Julie Dickerson


“It’s one thing to visit amazing places but another to really capture the way you felt when you were there. That is the great challenge of photography and certainly my goal as a photographer. Shane McDermott helped me make, take a big step toward that objective when I had the opportunity to work with him in Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra.

Shane helped me in both “right brain” and “left brain” ways. He helped me simplify my process in the field, which for me was an important step. Shane has the ability to think about complex problems in very simple ways, which helped me get to the essence of what needs to happen to capture an exceptional image.

On the more artistic side, working with Shane helped me develop a better sense of colors, layers and compositions. He helped me develop a better ability to transfer breathtaking sights into breathtaking pictures.

Perhaps most importantly, attending a workshop with Shane McDermott was inspiring for me. Shane gave me some very practical skills, an increased development of my artistic sense and a large dose of inspiration for my next photography trip.”

Mark Lawson

So much of photography asks us to direct our attention on what is merely “out there”. “Awakening your Inner Light”, the invitation and practice of recognizing and harnessing the light of your awareness as your creative expression “in here”. How can we connect with and more fully engage the many dimensions and unique expressions of our “inner light” in ways that allows our image making to evolve to the next level?

There is a constant dynamic tension between your experience of what is “out there - in the world" and “in here - your personal experience".  The union of the two, is what it means to be truly present, whole and complete, moment to moment  This is the point of greatest creative emergence and the very essence of why and what you are inspired to photograph in the first place.  It is truly the place and state from which all great artists create!

When you better understand this relational tension you can fully tap it's extraordinary potential through your unique creative visions.  Distracting and conflicting thoughts, emotions and sensations disrupt the natural union of your "out there and in here" experience, fracturing them into seemingly conflicted and separate experiences.   

Through very simple yet specific field practices, you can better understand how to creatively leverage these relational dynamic tensions of "out there and in here."  Learn to become fully present and attuned to the simultaneous nature of out there and in here and the extraordinary creative expression that wants to emerge from your experience!

In conscious creativity,

Shane McDermott

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