VisionQuest Photography - 1:1 Mentorship

VisionQuest 1:1 mentorship is a great fit for you if...

• You learn best one-on-one.

• You want to develop a highly individualized photographic practice and process that you can grow and evolve with over time.

• You would like help with specific creative capacities such as: mental clarity and focus, emotional and sensory attunement, cultivating creative flow states, innovative field practices, gear simplification, artistic post processing that's coherent and reflective of your experience at the time of capture and many more...

• You're already an experienced photographer and simply want the systems, strategies and visionary embodiment practices with the smallest investment of your time.

• You want the most complete and comprehensive immersion into the VisionQuest teachings.

If you are ready for an immersive and transformative experience into your creative development as a photographer, VisionQuest gets you there. Mentorship provides guidance and personalized practices to allow your journey as a visual artist to grow with life as you do. It provides the awareness, skills and knowledge to break through creative plateaus you may experience over time.

  • Ephemeral Highlands - Upper Ice Lake Basin, Colorado

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  • Fluid Sediments
  • Walk in the Woods

Visionary Embodiment

Transform Yourself, your Creativity and Your Connection with Nature

1:1 mentorship is ideal for those wanting to recreate themselves as photographic artists and have a blast doing it!  The three month or six month tracts are immerse and joyous experiences into artistic discovery.   If you've had the deep desire to take yourself and your photography into new visionary realms of creative mastery, this is what you've been waiting for.  

Visionary Embodiment is not just about a new way of seeing.  This journey is about awakening the mind, body and soul of YOU as the creative visionary being that you are.  This is about using the art of photography and our connection with nature as a sacred spiritual practice and pathway for total transformation.  

“Each of us is an artist of our days; the greater our integrity and awareness, the more original and creative our time will become.”  ~ John O'Donohue

Ways of Working with Me 1:1

Single 1:1 Session

This is a great way to dip your toe in the water and see if you want to explore more.  A single session allows us to get to know each other and determine if my teaching style is a good fit for you.  

An occasional single session is also a great fit if you are super clear on what you need help with and want to get straight to the heart of what's important  you.  This can include any of the following and much more...

• Contemplative and creative image processing

• Creative field strategies

• Breaking through creative plateaus

• Is there anything else you would like help with?

• Single session rate (60 minutes): $125

VisionQuest Photography Immersion Programs

If you're ready to transform how you see yourself as an artist and awaken your fullest creative capacities, then a 1:1 Immersion is the best way to achieve your goals.  One, three and six month immersions are available to best fit your schedule, creative intent and commitment level.

What to expect…

Expect to have a ton of fun! This is about awakening the artist and explorer within, and should be a joyously insightful and celebratory experience! The immersion experience is sure to elicit your sense of playful exploration through the desire to learn about yourself and the world you love to photograph. There is some work, commitment and even a little daily discipline involved, but should be done with a delightful happy heart and curious mind.

Here's more of what’s expected…

• Meditation - 5-20 minutes daily, 3+ times per week.

• Reflective journaling - 15-30 minutes weekly.

• Photographic field practices - 2+  hours weekly.

• Various reading or audio book assignments.

• Gentle yoga or stretching - 2+ times weekly.

• Total time commitment: minimum of 4 hours weekly.

One Month Immersion

Three Month Immersion

Six Month Immersion

What's Included...

• Three  - 90 minute Creative Coaching video calls (done remotely using zoom).  Three calls include: 1 Initial assessment call, 1 creative development session*  and 1 completion call.

• Initial "Artistic Assessment" to determine your creative strengths and weaknesses.

• Foundational practices from all five modules of the VisionQuest Photography teaching. 

• 2 Guided audio meditations. 

• Full payment of $695 due prior to first scheduled session. 






What’s included…

• Six - 90 minute Integral Creative Coaching video calls (done remotely using zoom) .  Calls include: 1- Initial assessment session, 4 creative development sessions*, 1- completion session. 

• Initial “Artistic Assessment” to determine your creative strengths and weakness

• The complete “VisionQuest Photography” guide book and practice manual. (180 pages)

• 5  Guided audio meditations.

• Guided introductory videos for each of the 5 teaching modules

• Personalized field practices focused on overcoming your creative barriers.

• Registration fee $1600.  Deposit of $600 due prior to first scheduled sessions, $1000 balance due within 30 days.




What's included...

• Twelve - 90 minute Integral Creative Coaching video calls (done remotely using zoom).  Calls include: 1-Initial assessment session, 10 creative development sessions*, 1 completion session.  

• Initial “Artistic Assessment” to determine your creative strengths and weakness.

• The complete “VisionQuest Photography” guide book and practice manual. (180 pages).

• 7 Guided audio meditations.

• Guided introductory videos for each of the 5 teaching modules.

• Personalized field practices focused on overcoming your creative barriers.

• A comprehensive completion and integration practice to facilitate your ongoing artistic/photographic development.

• $250 discount and automatic qualification for a week long "VisionQuest Photography Retreat".

• One half day (5 hrs.) live immersion with me in Boulder.   Your travel and accommodation expenses are not included.  Second half day immersion can be added for an additional $250 (regularly $595)  

• Registration fee $3600.  Deposit of $600 due prior to first scheduled session.  $3000 balance due in two $1500 payments, 30 days in and 60 days in.

* Creative Development Sessions:  The content and nature of these sessions will vary greatly depending on each students needs. Creative development sessions will address three developmental areas including:  

• Awareness Practices

• Creative Practices

• Technical Practices

Awareness practices ~  This includes meditation and practices focused on shifting mental and emotional states while photographing.  These sessions also work with mind-body integration practices that help to free both your mind and body for a fully embodied creative experience. 

Creative practices ~  These sessions will focus on addressing all creative challenges including those you experience in the field, behind your camera and while sitting at your computer.  There can be a strong emphasis around creative post processing which can include exposure blends, focus stacking, perspective blends, luminosity masks and many more.

Technical practices ~ These sessions focus on addressing your technical challenges including, camera settings, DOF, gear configurations, file management.  Special emphasis will be placed on the importance of understand light and controlling exposure in the field. 

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