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Breakthrough Filters -

I have recently started using Break Through Filers, and I'm really impressed.  Their construction and optical quality are simply superb, like no other filter I have ever used, and I've tried a lot of different filters!  

So much of my photography is about getting the image right at the time of capture and not having to save or fix photos in post.   Both Neutral density filters and polarizing filters allow me to control light, contrast, reflections, glare and movement within my compositions, all aspects of capture that are impossible to fix in post processing.  

Breakthrough filers provide optical precision and virtually no color shifts, something I haven't seen in other filter brands.   I'll be recommending these filters to all my students in my upcoming workshops. 

Although Break Through Filters NEVER discounts their filters, as an affiliate with Break Through I offer any of my students a 5% rebate on any purchase they make using my unique purchase link, here:  5% Rebate

Once  you've made your purchase with Break Through Filters, email me your purchase receipt and I will send you a 5% rebate check off your total purchase price.

You'll love them and if you take care of them, they'll be the last filters you need to buy.    

Click this logo above to make a purchase at Shimoda Designs

Shimoda Photo Back Packs -

If you're looking for the very best photo backpack available right now, be sure to check out Shimoda.  Yes, I'm an affiliate with Shimoda and if you purchase something through them using my affiliate link it helps me.  I use the small stipend they offer me through your purchase to renew my own gear.   

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