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VisionQuest Photography Online Learning

6 week webinar series every Tuesday evening for 60 minutes starting at 6:30 pm MST

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VisionQuest Photography 6 week webinar series is a great fit for you if...

• You are a passionate photographer seeking to find your unique style and expression.

• You want to feel more creatively confident and less influenced by opinions and expectations of others regarding your work.

• Online learning fits your lifestyle, scheduling and learning style.

• You seek to balance both the technical and artistic aspects of photography.

• You like time on your own to practice new things you have learned.

If you are ready to realize your full potential as a photographer and awaken a new way of seeing through the lens, this online training gets you 100% focused on building the skills necessary to take your photography straight into the heart of your Souls seeing. 

Awakening Your Souls Secret Seeing

This 6 week webinar format is a fantastic way to delve into a deeper exploration of your creative process.  This webinar series provides you with profound access to the many hidden dimensions of your photographic and artistic process.  Week by week we strip away the barriers that blocks your most brilliant way of seeing and relating to the natural world. 

If you seek to realize your truest visionary potential and have your image making truly reflect the magic of what feel in the moment, this 6 week webinar series helps break your creative barriers while awakening your visionary within.  

"Learn to integrate the complexities of the digital era with your

souls simplistic longings for natures rhythms of sublime beauty" 


What to Expect & How to Prepare



• Every Tuesday evenings starting...

• 60 minutes .  6:30 - 7:30pm MST. 

• Cost TBA


To get the most out of this 6 week immersion you should plan on committing at least 4 hours per week which includes the 1 hour weekly group webinar.  At least two additional hours will be needed to complete assignments and implement the field practices.  Set aside one additional hour (approximately 5-10 minutes daily) for meditation practice.  

The bottom line is that you will get out of this program everything you put into it.  If you have more than 4 hours a week you can devote to the teaching you will get much more out of it.  If you set aside the time and space for this teaching you will quickly realize it to be a very transformative, even sacred practice.


• The teaching includes weekly field practices.  Pick a convenient location to maximize practice time.

• Guided meditations, 5-10 minutes twice per day.

• Reflective journaling, 5-10 minutes 2-3 times per week.  


• Comprehensive guide book and resource practice manual. 

• Guided audio meditations

• Introductory videos for each weeks module. 

• 30 minutes 1:1 remote mentoring with Shane. 


• A crystal clear understanding of both your creative strengths and weaknesses.

• Powerful new ways of working with your mental and emotional states so that you can access creative flows states at will. 

• Effective ways to simplify our camera-tech interface so that we can stay in the creative experience more fully and attuned with nature.

• A remarkable set of practices you can use in the years ahead to assure your photography continues to grow and evolve as you do.  

  • Exposed Illumination
  • Sombrio Falls
  • Celestial Chocolate

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