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Artists Statement

Ever since I began photographing, I have been fascinated with what continues to hold my interest and passion with this art form? Over the years these motivations and drives have shifted, which is revealed through the evolution of my work and creative inspirations. Photography has been mostly an interior journey for me, a conscious practice of cultivating an ever deepening and more meaningful relationship with the natural world.  In my relationship with nature, I consider photography to be a co-creative experience, one in which my awareness, skill set and unique vision are able to converge with the elemental energies of the natural world.

Unfortunately, it seems that too often people feel separate from, split off or at odds with nature.  Often we simply see the natural world as something scary, something out there and something that needs to be controlled or tamed!  An important aspect of my photography, is to help people heal the separation they feel with the natural world and awaken for them a deeper connection within themselves.  As long as we continue to relate to the natural world as merely something outside of us, and something separate from us, I think we miss essence of what nature stirs within us, and beckons us to look more closely at.  

It is in the experience of unity with nature that we as human beings can fundamentally shift our relationship not only to ourselves, but also with the natural world, into one of a healthy, symbiotic and respectful dynamic.  This is the deeper offering and invitation I hope to make through my photography.  All the best in your creative explorations and expressions of the natural world!

In Conscious Creativity,

Shane McDermott

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