VisionQuest Photography

Arctic Photo Expedition

Arctic Haven, Nunavut, Northern Canada

  September 10-16, 2021

Limited to only 20 guests

Meet your Tour Leader, Creative Guides & Mindfulness Outdoor Leaders

Shane McDermott

VisionQuest Tour Leader,

Head Creativity Coach,

Lead Photographer

Jessica Fern

Mindfulness Outdoor Leader,

Creativity Coach

Dave Hutchison

VisionQuest Photograph Guide

Creativity Guide

The real gift of nature photography for me is about the time I get to spend in the more than human world wonders of nature. Even though I love teaching the creative process of great image-making, it's the intimate connection and exchange with the living earth that brings my soul alive.  There is no better place to experience this than the Arctic, and this is the experience I want to share with others interested in joining me.  

The expansive beauty of the Arctic opens my heart and mind in unimaginable ways.  When stepping onto the Tundra,  the part of me that wants to "get the shot" and make something happen profoundly relaxes.  My heart fills with joy, simply receiving the moment and being fully available to what wants to be seen and celebrated is all that matters.  In this place, creativity and powerful image-making seem boundless.  

This experience is the essence of my teaching.  I use a simple mindfulness-based approach to photography that allows photographers to finally rest and arrive in the brilliance of their own creative process.  An easeful and curious place where the technical and creative aspects of photography can seamlessly merge. I combine my thirty-plus years as a holistic healer, coach, and yoga teacher with my love of nature photography to help participants awaken to the artistic wonder within them.                    

As your Mindfulness Outdoor Leader, my role will be to guide participants through simple nature-based meditations practices.  I'll be rotating daily through the three small groups guiding artists through specific nature-connection practices.  The nature of my work is to help participants feel a more intimate connection with the wildlands and creatures of the Arctic as well as your personal creative process. As a psychotherapist and coach, I will also be offering guidance and techniques on how to work with creative blocks and how to cultivate a fuller embodiment of your creative self.                    

I love to share my passion for nature photography with everyone around me in a simple and easy to understand manner. I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years and recently semi-retired from a 24 year sales career in the fitness industry to follow my passion for nature photography. I recently received my 3rd national accreditation from PPOC (Professional Photographers Association of Canada) in wildlife.

I was born and raised in St Catharines, Ontario and completed a B.A. Hons from Brock University in 1992. I moved to Vancouver in 1993 and relocated to Sidney on Vancouver Island in 2002. I consider myself fortunate to have ventured into places that many others don’t get the chance to visit. The vast variety of landscapes and wildlife along the whole west coast of Vancouver Island has provided me with incredible images of grizzly bears, wolves, whales, and the elusive Spirit Bear not to mention many landscape images too. I also have over 50 images published through a wide variety of uses including calendars, brochures, books, magazines, etc.

I succeed at working with people, especially one on one where I can focus on the needs of the individual photographer and guide them on their own journey. To assist people, I offer private instruction and trip guiding for individuals and small groups around picturesque Vancouver Island. Finally, I also co-lead VisionQuest Photography workshops on Vancouver Island and the Canadian Arctic with my long-time friend and mentor Shane McDermott.

To find out more about myself, please visit

Meet your Tundra Team & Owner Operators of Arctic Haven

The Weber Family

Richard Weber

Tessum Weber

Josee' Auclair

Nansen Weber

One of the world’s pre-eminent polar explorers with more than 60 completed Arctic, North and South Pole expeditions, Richard is the Founder of Weber Arctic. His long and diverse list of polar firsts and record-making accomplishments include The first surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada; the first snowshoe trek; and in 1995 the first (and only) unsupported return trip to the North Pole. Richard began working in Arctic tourism in 1993 when he guided the world’s first commercial trek to the North Pole, and conducted hiking and kayaking trips on Baffin Island. To date, Richard has the distinction of having the most successful treks to the North Pole of anyone in history.

When not found in the Arctic, on the trails or skiing a glacier, Tessum can be found on the stage promoting and fighting for the north. Tessum is the youngest person to ski to the North Pole. He made his first foray to the Arctic at six weeks of age. His passion for introducing more people to the magnificence of the North has helped expand the offering from Arctic Watch and Arctic Haven include Arctic heli-sking. He and his brother have launched the most northern heli-skiing in the world from the Baffin Island community of Clyde River. A polar guide and avid traveler, he’s spent nearly 30 years across the Canadian Arctic.

While not chasing polar bears out of the kitchen, Josee is out on the tundra and constantly improving the clients experiences. Josee has adventure in her soul: she is a polar guide who has traversed the Arctic since 1987, pioneered women-only expeditions to the North and South Poles, sea kayaked and hiked Baffin Island; spent two summers with a nomadic Inuit family in an outpost camp on Baffin Island; and assisted her husband, Richard on many of his expeditions. As a botanist and teacher, Josee has a passion for youth education and food. She is the driving force behind the Arctic Change Program.

Nansen grew up spending summers traversing the Arctic. Now a professional wildlife & Arctic photographer and polar guide for over a decade, Nansen’s expertise spans logistic work with top wildlife film production crews to technical expeditions such as alpine touring in the Arctic Cordillera range.  Along with his brother Tessum, he has pioneered a polar first - the world’s northernmost heli-skiing. When not guiding international guests for Weber Arctic, Nansen travels the world on photographic projects with organizations like National Geographic & Netflix. Most of the photos on our site and in the blogs are courtesy of Nansen.

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