Grizzlies of the Khutzymateen

May 26-31, 2020 - $4,250 USD 

Deposit $1,500 USD + 5% GST tax - Limited to 8 Participants.

(based on double occupancy)

Khutz May 2020 Payment in USD (you will be taken to Dave Hutchison Images web site for payment processing


This is an all inclusive (well mostly) photo tour.  This means that most of your expenses are included in the registration fee.  Here is what is included and not included in your registration fee. 


• All accommodations (based on double occupancy)

  in both Prince Rupert, May 30- 31 and at the Khutzeymateen June 1-4

• Float plane transportation to and from the Khutzeymateen Inlet from Prince        Rupert.

• Any transfer fees incurred getting to and from the Prince Rupert Airport to the     Eagle Bluff Bed & Breakfast.

• First 2 nights at the Eagle Bluff Bed & Breakfast 

• 3 nights at the Khutzeymateen Wilderness Lodge 

• Park entrance fees 

• Breakfast May 31 & June 1 at Eagle Bluff B&B 

• All Food during the entire stay at Khuzteymateen Wilderness Lodge

• Use of water proof storm suits while at the Khutzeymateen 


Medical insurance

• Trip cancellation / trip interruption insurance

• Airfare to and from Prince Rupert Airport

• Lunch and dinner on May 30 & May 31

• Airline baggage fees to and from Prince Rupert

• Additional baggage charges (max 45lbs) to and from Khutzeymateen 

• Any optional gratuities 


• Rain - weather patterns and temperatures change often and quickly

• Great food and comfortable accommodations 

• Expert wildlife guidance and photographic guidance

• Abundant opportunities to photograph grizzly bears and other land and other    marine mammals

• Introduction to VisionQuest Photography teachings 

• Downtime to relax and thoroughly enjoy this amazing place

• Downtime to import/backup images and clear cards


• More than 60 days prior to trip start date, 50% refund (unless I can fill your spot)

• Less than 60 days prior to trip start date, no refunds (unless I can fill your spot)

• Payment in full due 60 days prior to workshop start date.

• Payment accepted by PayPal, E-transfer (Canada only), or credit card over the       phone

• Highly recommend trip interruption, cancellation & medical insurance 


Shane McDermott, Dave Hutchison (


I have had the good fortune to attend several workshops with Shane over the past few years.

Not only is Shane very personable and fun to spend time with, but he also possesses patience and a unique ability to teach – helping participants of any level to improve all aspects of their photographic skills from in-field composition and technical knowledge to advanced post-processing.

Personally, Shane has been instrumental in improving my abilities primarily in advanced composition and simplifying my in-field technique to allow more freedom to simply “see” better!

Early on he instilled in me a love affair with “light” which has been a primary contributor to my skill level advancement.

A good friend once told me that the greatest single contributor to becoming a better photographer was to spend money where it counts – on professional instruction versus the endless vacuum of improving your equipment kit.

After one workshop with Shane you will see just how true this is.

Steve Schafer

"Shane McDermott's workshops are really a treat.

I have attended a number of them over the years and enjoyed each one immensely. What a talented photographer!

But as much as I love his images, I love his ability to help me focus my creative "voice" and get the most out of my photography. Shane's technical knowledge, creativity, and unique approach to photography have really added to the tools I use when I am out shooting.

I find myself going through many of the things he taught me each time I shoot. These methods and ideas have truly improved my photography.

I am especially impressed by Shane's ability to work specifically with each workshop attendee. He focuses in on each person, understanding their individual issues, and helping them to improve.

I know my photography is better because of his instruction and input. I will certainly be attending workshops with Shane in the future."

Craig Osterloh


This is not your traditional photo tour simply meant to get you to the best locations in the best light. That is a given!  

We've set the bar super high and expect you to come away from this experience feeling completely transformed both as a photographer and as a human being.  Regardless if you are a beginner, intermediate or seasoned professional. this experience will forever transform the way you approach your photography and open up creative dimensions you've never even thought about.  Simply put...  

"This is about opening the EYES of your SOUL

to a radically different way of seeing and being"


Vision quest photography is a radically transformative experience! It is meant offer breakthrough insights, experiences and profound practices you can take away and integrate into your photography as it evolves overtime.  

The Khutzeymateen is a precious jewel in wilderness crown of the Great Bear Rainforest!  Three days in the Khutz is a transformative experience regardless of what else you learn. 

VisionQuest is unique mindfulness based teaching meant toremove the barriers that obstruct your creative genius and open the eyes of your Soul to new ways of seeing.  It gets you to the heart of magical image making!

"In the full presence of this moment,

there is no loss, no lack, no limits to the

boundless nature of your unique creative expression."


"The entire experience is focused on your creative development"

Vision Quest Photography is a fascinating dive into conscious creativity!  This workshop will provide you with an introduction to a comprehensive teaching and practice that you can work with and evolve over time.  This is a developmental teaching and practice aimed at removing the  barriers blocking your unique creative expression.  

To further facilitate and support your artistic development, you will receive the following:

• Vision Quest Photography guide book and practice manual. 

• A detailed pack and prep list (once you register).

• Expert guidance to all of the areas greatest locations.

• Visualization and awareness practices meant to break habitual ways of seeing.

• Breathing and body based practices meant to free you functionally and ground you into greater awareness. 

• Creative and detailed image processing techniques that fully capture and reflect YOUR unique creative vision.  

• Powerful post precessing techniques meant to reflect the essence of your experience at the time of capture .  


While in Prince Rupert we'll be visiting several nearby locations where there are abundant Bald Eagle populations. We'll also be visiting the National Historic site of the North Pacific Cannery.  

Locations in the Khutzeymateen will vary greatly day to day depending upon the tides.  The Khutz is a massive44,000 hectares area.  The Khutz inlet and inland estuary will be the focus of our explorations for three days.  


• Adventurous photographers wanting up close grizzly bear encounters.

• Curious photographers eager to push beyond their current creative boundaries. 

• Excited photographers ready to move past documentary or representational image making.

• Informed (this doesn't mean advanced) photographers that understand how their cameras function.  

• Accepting photographers willing to make the most of the conditions present. 


• Photographers with significant physical limitations.

• Photographers not interested in exploring personal or artistic growth.  

• Photographers that need full time assistance with basic camera operations (just read and understand the basics of your camera      manual and you will be fine). 


• You are registering for the Khutzeymateen Grizzly bear tour May 2020

• This is a small group tour limited to 8 participants. Although we'll be staying in comfortable locations and will remain dry, expect numerous inclement and abrupt weather changes throughout the tour.

• It will be the responsibility of each participant to manage their time and energy appropriately.   These can be long days with early mornings and sometimes late evenings.  You are not required to participate in all activities or shoots.  It is better to manage your time and energy in a way that allows you to maximize your experience.   

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