Transforming your Passion into Pixels

The Art of Enlightened Image Editing

Great for New or Experienced Photographers - No Image Editing Experience Required

Six Week Online Image Processing Tutorial

January 9 - February 13, 2020 

75 minutes every Thursday at 7 pm MST

Only $247

Take Creative Control

Surfer Bird

Do you experience…

• Feeling intimidated or overwhelmed with photo processing?

• Frustrated with randomly adjusting sliders in hopes of creating beautiful images?

• Uninspired with your old “tried and true’ methods?

• Disappointed that all your images end up looking the same?

• Confused about what adjustments are needed to bring an image alive?

Imagine making the look and feel of every finished photo as unique and vibrant as the moment you captured it.

  • Seasonal Mirror
  • Rainforest Amrita
  • Mt. Zen - Half Way to Enlightenment...

What makes this course different?

"Learn a radically new approach to photo processing."  

Photography is about our relationship to "light" and how the courtship and capture of light makes us feel in the moment.  This is not about engineering technically perfect photos, it's about bringing the magic of the photo alive and into alignment with the wonder of what we experienced while making them.

"The real magic is in how our photos make us feel."

In this online training, you'll learn powerful processing principles based on the capture and control of light and how to intentionally impact the viewer.   This teaching is not dependant on photoshop or Lightroom, these principles can be applied to any image editing platform you use.   

"Awaken your unique style and creative expression"

What will you get from this course?

• You'll come away from this training with a completely new approach to image editing.

• You'll learn powerful new how-to's but also understand why you're moving the sliders you do and what they actually do. 

• Every session is recorded in Lightroom and Capture One.  

• You'll understand how to control light and color to impact the viewers' mental and emotional state. 

• The flexibility to learn at your own pace and revisit recorded sessions at your convenience.

• Foundational skills you can apply to any software editing platform.

• With just a little practice, you'll be able to create fantastic photos in about 10-15  minutes!

Six Week Webinar Series - What You'll Learn

Storm Catcher

Week One - Image Preparation & Evaluation

We start with how to properly evaluate an image to determine if it's worthy of our creative attention.

Week One Highlights:

• What makes a good photo? 

• What's needed, fixing or finishing, what's the difference?

• Evaluating the quality of light.

• How to properly prepare RAW files.

Passionate Eruption

Week Two - What's your Experience & Story

Your experience at the moment of capture holds vital creative insight into how the final photo should be presented.

Week Two Highlights:

• A picture is worth a thousand words 

• Invitation vs. information / Documentation vs. Imagination

• Interpretive storytelling

• Flow State Pixel Practices

Secrets Wilhin

Week Three - Global & Local Adjustments

This is about the play of light and luminosity, how it makes us feel and how it shapes the viewer's experience. 

Week Three Highlights:

• The emotional artistry of reveal and conceal

• What's dynamic range?  Understanding highlights & shadows

• How luminosity impacts color, texture & detail

• Creating a way into and through the image using light

Hard Palate Pastels

Week Four - The Psychology of Color

Like light, color profoundly impacts our experience.  It alters our brains, bodies, moods, and emotions. 

Week Four Highlights:

• Coloring the viewers' emotions

• Warm tones vs. cool tones and their emotional impact.

• The importance of color separation

• How color impacts brain states

Musings of Autumns

Week Five - Differentiation & Integration

This week we explore how to create compositional separation and synthesis using light, clarity, and color. 

Week Five Highlights:

• How differentiation creates distinction

• How to create compositional coherence 

• How to avoid object fixation

• The importance of color consistency

Surfer Bird

Week Six - Intended Purpose & Presentation

How do you intend on sharing your photo?   This week we'll cover sizing and sharpening for the intended output.

Week Six Highlights:

• Sizing and sharpening for web vs. print

• Using different print medias

• The importance of maintaining aspect ratios

• Using printer profiles

How it all works

• Each session is 75 minutes long.  This includes a 10-15 minute session introduction, a 45-50 minute step-by-step guided demo, followed by a 15 minute Q&A.

• Once you register and pay for the event, you'll receive a welcome package via email a week before the event which starts on January 9, 2020.

• Each week you'll receive a zoom link to join the live webinar event on the scheduled day. 

• Within two days of the completion of each event, you'll receive an email with the recording of the completed event. It's not necessary for you to be able to attend every live event because they'll all be recorded. 

• Included with the recording of the webinar you'll also receive the practice images I used in the webinar.  

• You don't need to attend every live online event.  You will be sent recordings of each week's session that you can watch at your own convenience. 

Great for Beginners - No Image Editing Experience Required

Six Week Online Image Processing Tutorial

January 9 - February 13, 2020

Only $247

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