VisionQuest Photography Retreat

5 Day Creative Immersion - Offered in Collaboration with Arizona Highways Photoscapes

October 16-20/2019

Retreat limited to 8 participants - Only 3 spots left!

VisionQuest Photography Retreat is a great fit if:

• You are ready to take your photography to the next level and unleash your artistic brilliance.

• You want to have more fun and be more present to your experience of photographing in nature.

• You want to see and feel nature in powerfully new and imaginative ways. 

• You want to learn simple mindfulness techniques that can change your entire photographic experience.  

• You want to learn how a full sensory connection with nature can make you more creative and your images more impactful. 

• You want to learn how to process the joy and love of nature you feel into your images.  

• You are ready to make your experience of photography more fun, more joyous and more creative, this retreat will help you unlock your true artistic vision as a photographer. 

Awakening Your Unique Creative Expression

This 5 day immersion is a fantastic way to delve into a deeper exploration of your creative process.  This retreat provides you with the important opportunity of time, space and repeated practice to really explore and develop your unique creative vision. 

This retreat will provide profound access to the many hidden dimensions of your photographic and artistic process.  Day by day we'll explore the fun and fascinating dimensions of creativity and how they can powerfully enhance your image making experience. 

If you want to see more, feel more and experience more joy while photographing in nature and want you images to more fully reflect this, you won't want to miss this opportunity.      

"Learn to integrate the complexities of the digital era with your

souls longings for natures sublime beauty" 


What to Expect & How to Prepare


October 16-20/2019

Butterfly Garden Inn

9440 North State Route 89a Sedona, AZ 86336

(928) 203-7633

Your investment: $2195


This retreat style format focuses on the exploration of your creative process and less on shooting locations.  You'll still be photographing in beautiful locations everyday of the retreat, however, the emphasis is more about the art of seeing, in new and creative ways. 

Prior to the retreat, you'll be asked to complete a creative assessment intake.  This will help Shane better understand your creative strengths and limitations so that he can offer you more personalized guidance throughout the retreat. 

During the retreat, expect to learn simple mindfulness meditations that can be easily applied to your photographic experience while in the field.  Powerful practices that open your mind, eyes and heart to profound new ways and seeing, sensing and feeling.

Each day offers a new VisionQuest teaching with opportunity for repeated field practice sessions to assimilate and refine what you've learned.  Each day also offers multiple Q&A sessions to help further clarify your understanding of the teachings as well as the application of the practices.  Throughout the week, cover all 5 modules of the VisionQuest teaching including:

1. Full Spectrum Awareness

2. Full Spectrum Creativity

3. Cracking Creativities Source Code

4. Breaking the Four Barriers of Creativity

5. Integration and Ongoing Practice

Expect to be shooting multiple times everyday.   Each day will include at least one new highlight location in and around Sedona.  Instead of simply going out and shooting what ever strikes your fancy in the moment, you'll have specific assignments and creative practices that you will take into each new shoot and location.  


Day 1 – Wednesday, October 16

• The retreat begins at 10:00 am with introductions, sharing of Self-Observation exercises and meditation learnings.

• After a lunch break, our group will go out into the field for our first shooting assignment on the property grounds. Following the shoot, we will debrief and begin with the first teaching of Full Spectrum Awareness.

• Using the knowledge in Full Spectrum Awareness we will engage in field practice followed by Q&A.

• After a mid-afternoon break, the group will reconvene for further exploration of Full Spectrum Awareness and practices that will aid in better understanding and appreciation for its impact on our photography.

• Additional field practice will follow and end with a Q&A session.

• Dinner

Day 2 – Thursday, October 17

• We will begin the day with a sunrise shoot in West Fork of Oak Creek Return for breakfast and prepare for our second field assignment on property grounds.

• Mid-morning, we will begin the teaching on Full Spectrum Creativity and explore the components of the Internal Dimension. This will be followed by another field practice.

• After lunch, we will return to our meeting space for the teaching on the External Dimension followed by a field practice.

• Our afternoon will continue with the final two Full Spectrum Creativity dimensions on Relational and Systems and associated practice sessions.

• Dinner

• Optional Q&A

Day 3 – Friday, October 18

• Day three begins with both a seated and walking meditation followed by a third field session on the property. After breakfast, Shane will launch into the teaching on Cracking Creativity’s Source Code.

• The morning will wind up with a few more field practices.

• After lunch, we will finish the module on Cracking Creativity’s Source Code and follow it up with field practice.

• We will take a mid-day break and then head out to our evening shooting location in Sedona.

• Dinner

• Optional Q&A

Day 4 – Saturday, October 19

• We will begin our day with an early morning shoot at Slide Rock and then return for breakfast.

• After our fourth field practice on the property, we will begin the teachings on Breaking the Four Barriers of Creativity — internal, external, relational and systems. • • Each segment in the module will include a field practice and Q&A.

• Dinner

• Optional Q&A

Day 5 – Sunday, October 20

• Our last morning, we will have a morning shoot in West Fork or Canyon Springs. • After breakfast, Shane will discuss integration practices for the teaching.

• Late morning, the group will check out of their lodging and return for a final summation of next steps.

• We will then travel for a final group lunch at the Chacola Tree Garden in Sedona where the group will share their learnings and takeaways of the retreat.


• Comprehensive guide book and resource practice manual. 

• Guided audio meditations

• Introductory videos for each weeks module. 

• 30 minutes 1:1 remote mentoring with Shane. 


• A crystal clear understanding of how to take your creative image making to the next level.

• Powerful new ways of working with your mental and emotional states so that you can access creative flows states at will. 

• Effective ways to simplify your camera-tech interface so that you can stay more connected to your subject matter and your creative experience in the moment.

• A remarkable set of practices you can use in the years ahead to assure your photography continues to grow and evolve as you do.  

  • Exposed Illumination
  • Sombrio Falls
  • Celestial Chocolate

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