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Helping Photographers Awaken their Unique Creative Expression

Do you ever find yourself wishing that your photos reflected more of the magic and true essence of everything you

saw and felt in the moment? 

If so, you're in the right place...

  • Blue Valley Serpent
  • Ribbons of Rivendale
  • Window to Wonderland

VisionQuest helps photographers remove the barriers that block

their creative genius and get straight to the

heart of extraordinary image making!

VisionQuest Photography Programs

VisionQuest is a synthesis of nature photography, integral ecology, nature mysticism and conscious creativity. It weaves in important aspects of yoga and meditation to emphasis embodied transformation and heightened awareness. The impetus for this teaching stemmed from the question...

“What role can nature photographers and conscious creativity play in helping to reverse the climate change crisis?”

Is it possible a new generation of more conscious, connected and creative nature photographers could show humanity a different way of being in relationship to the natural world?  VisionQuest helps photographers awaken their unique creative expression while pioneering visionary ways of conserving, communing with and celebrating the beauty of the natural world.

"Learn to see the magic of the wild world through the eyes of your soul."

Create images that truly reflect the magic of everything you experienced in the moment.  Learn techniques that will help forever change the way you see and help you cultivate constant access to creative flow states.  VisionQuest offers trainings and mentorships for all Soul centered photographers wanting to take their creative expression to the next level while celebrating the beauty and importance of the natural world.  

3 Ways of learning VisionQuest Photography

Level 1 - Introductory teaching - Photo Workshops

VisionQuest photo workshops are great fit for you if...

• You want an introduction to the VisionQuest teachings.

You learn best in the field where you can apply "in real time" new creative techniques.

• You want hands on guidance with how to best manage and configure your gear for creative solutions in the moment.

• You want help translating what you are seeing and feeling in the moment into a compelling composition.

If you are ready for a multi-day journey into the discovery your creative genius, VisionQuest Photo Workshops provide you hands on guidance and an immerse field experience to awaken your unique style and expression.  

Level 2 - Guided Online Practice - 6 Week Webinar Series

VisionQuest Photography 6 week webinar series is a great fit for you if...

• You want a deeper exploration into into the VisionQuest teachings.

• You are a passionate photographer still struggling to find your unique style and expression.

• You find it challenging to learn and balance both the technical and creative aspects of photography.

• You struggle with gear issues while in the field shooting.

• Your creative expression is still strongly influenced by the opinions and approval of others.

If you are ready to break through these creative barriers and awaken your unique creative expression, VisionQuest's 6 week online training gets you 100% focused on building the skills necessary to break through the four primary barriers to creativity.    

More Information Coming Soon!

Level 3 - Personalized Immersive Embodiment - 1:1 Mentorship

VisionQuest 1:1 mentorship is a great fit for you if...

• You learn best one-on-one.

• You want the most complete and comprehensive immersion into the VisionQuest teachings.

• You're already an accomplished photographer and simply want the systems and creative strategies, with the smallest investment of your time.

• You would like help with specific creative capacities such as: Focusing your mind, working with difficult emotions, creative visualizations, creative field solutions, being more present, gear simplification, creative image processing, etc.

• You want to develop a personalized creative practice and process that you can grow and evolve with over time.   

If you are ready for a completely immersive and transformative experience into your creative development as an artist.  VisionQuest gets you there and beyond.  Mentorship provides you with the guidance and personalized practices to allow your creativity to continue to flourish over time.  It provides the skills and knowledge to break through any and all creative plateaus you experience.

More Information Coming Soon!


“It’s one thing to visit amazing places but another to really capture the way you felt when you were there. That is the great challenge of photography and certainly my goal as a photographer. Shane McDermott helped me make, take a big step toward that objective when I had the opportunity to work with him in Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra.

Shane helped me in both “right brain” and “left brain” ways. He helped me simplify my process in the field, which for me was an important step. Shane has the ability to think about complex problems in very simple ways, which helped me get to the essence of what needs to happen to capture an exceptional image.

On the more artistic side, working with Shane helped me develop a better sense of colors, layers and compositions. He helped me develop a better ability to transfer breathtaking sights into breathtaking pictures.

Perhaps most importantly, attending a workshop with Shane McDermott was inspiring for me. Shane gave me some very practical skills, an increased development of my artistic sense and a large dose of inspiration for my next photography trip.”

Mark Lawson


"Shane McDermott's workshops are really a treat. I have attended a number of them over the years and enjoyed each one immensely. What a talented photographer! But as much as I love his images, I love his ability to help me focus my creative "voice" and get the most out of my photography.

Shane's technical knowledge, creativity, and unique approach to photography have really added to the tools I use when I am out shooting. I find myself going through many of the things he taught me each time I shoot. These methods and ideas have truly improved my photography.

I am especially impressed by Shane's ability to work specifically with each workshop attendee. He focuses in on each person, understanding their individual issues, and helping them to improve. I know my photography is better because of his instruction and input. I will certainly be attending workshops with Shane in the future."

Julie Dickerson

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