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Awaken Your Artistic Brilliance


Do you identify as an artist, visionary, or creative type?
Do you grapple with the greatness within you wanting to emerge through your creative process? 


Through decades of practicing transformative flow, meditative mindfulness, and holistic coaching, I have developed an embodied method that will get you straight to the heart of your evolutionary creativity   

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VisionQuest Creativity offers artists and visionaries direct access to their central creative source. 
The silent still point of their unique creative brilliance. 


No more trying or striving with your artistic visions, but rather, immediate access to creative flow as the one core quality inherent to who you truly are. 

Conscious Creativity

Learn to simply drop-in and receive the creative source intelligence that is your unique creative voice and vision.  

What's involved in working with me?

Creative intake and assessment

I offer a deep dive assessment into your current creative capacities, passions and aspirations.  Together we will build an integral road map of where you are and where you want to go, and really understand what's holding you back and why.  

Integral Transformative Practice

This is about conscious creative practices and refined skill development.  You will learn different practices with the intent of unwinding old habits and outdated perspectives that keep you locked in outmoded creative paradigms.

New Way of Being

As old habits unwind, you will experience a fresh install of your brain-body neural wetware.

Through ever evolving integral transformative practice, new full spectrum creative capacities are fully realized and I will guide you in how to integrate this new way of being that emerges.    

Evolutionary Creative Emergence

In this final stage, we move from doing creativity to being creativity. Through deep surrendered listening and presence, new ways of seeing, sensing and feeling coalesce.  Finally, the cosmic currents of creativity can simply have their way with us.  

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Follow Creativity to its

Source Within You

Session Options

You have several options, choose the one that best fits your needs.  A free discovery session will help you determine the best fit.  With both the "Creative Expedition", and the "Summit Series" you'll receive written practices and/or audio support materials after each session.  Either of the series sessions packages can be extended one session at a time ($150) or a four-session package for ($550).  Each Session is 75 minutes.  

Discovery Session

Every worthy journey starts with good planning and preparation.  This session helps us discover what you want to achieve on this journey and if it's right for us to travel together. 

20-30 Minutes ~ FREE

Navigation Session

A single session is great if you're mostly clear about your creative intent.  One session can help you break through plateaus, clarify and new vision, or take a fresh new perspective on what you're already doing. 

75 Minutes ~ $150

Creative Expedition

You're embarking on a fantastic  journey.  You're ready  to reimagine, rediscovery and reveal a new way of creating.   You're eager and willing to experiment and practice your art in new ways. 

6 Sessions 2-3 Months ~ $900

Summit Series

You're all in and committed to a complete transformation of  yourself and your art.  You're ready to push through the boundaries of creative possibilities and fully awaken your creative brilliance.

12 Sessions 4-5 Months ~ $1650

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Ways to Work  

With ME

During Covid I'm not currently offering live group events.  However, we can still meet in person with social distancing practices.  We can also work together over phone or online using Zoom. What ever you're comfortable with works great!


All sessions can be done remotely using phone and/or Zoom video conferencing. At the completion of either remote or in-person sessions, you'll receive electronic support documents clearly outlining prescribed practices and instructions for assignment submissions.   


If you live near Asheville, North Carolina, we can meet in-person if you don't mind traveling to me.  In-person sessions allow for guided field sessions and real-time pointing out instructions.  You'll also receive online support documents and submission instructions

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To begin your VisionQuest into complete creative freedom

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