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VisionQuest Photography


Nunavut, Canada

September 10-16, 2021

Limited to only 8 Participants

Sold Out!

$12,000 - Deposit $3500 US


Before May 31, 2021

$10,500.00 (Deposit $3500)

Discover the Lost Lands of the Arctic and the 

Wilder Ways of Your Soul in Nature

For many of us growing up, we were taught that the polar regions of our planet were uninhabitable and inaccessible.  We imagine a harsh and inhospitable environment, with vast barren lands locked in ice. In our collective psyche, the Arctic region has become a lost world, a forbidden and desolate place best left to only the most extreme and hardy of explorers. But what if the Arctic were something entirely different?

For only a few weeks every year, the barren lands of the far north undergo an astonishing transformation.  This magical world comes alive and explodes in a kaleidoscopic display of unimaginable color.  In a fleeting window of only a few weeks, hundreds of thousands of animals make their way across these great lands following their wild ways and instinctual drives for survival.   It's one of the greatest migratory spectacles on the planet.


The Arctic is a wild and wondrous world teeming with life, exploding with color, where everything is veiled in a magical display of dancing lights.


Like the untamed world of the great north, there is something within each of us that wants to be rewilded and rediscovered in a more natural, raw and unbridled way.  Because of this, we invite you to venture with us to these lands.  We'll help you and guide you into the wilder ways of seeing and sensing life through the lens of your heart and soul.  Rewild and reimagine your passion for photography in completely new ways.  

Arctic Haven - Barrens Lands or Abundant Beauty

This is not your typical photo tour, it is a grand adventure into the heart of the great unknown.  It doesn't fit neatly into a single photographic category like landscape, wildlife or northern lights photography.  It's all of those, yet so much more. We'll venture deep into the wildlands of the northern Arctic, where you'll have remarkable wildlife encounters, be immersed in beautiful colors as far as your eye can see and experience bedazzling displays of northern lights. 

However, you'll also have the opportunity to experience nature like never before.   This is a journey into rewilding your self, your imagination and the creative frontiers of photography.  It's about awakening your unique creative expression and deep connection to the natural world. 


The beauty you'll encounter spans an enormous spectrum that includes many different ecosystems, conditions, species and natural spectacles like the northern lights.   Still-image photography only captures a piece of the dynamic beauty you'll encounter.  On this tour, you'll have great opportunities to learn, create and push your creative boundaries with all forms of photography including time-lapse photography, video, and even drone photography if you want to.  Whatever form your photography takes, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in your creative passions.   

Where is Arctic Haven

This lodge is located on Ennadai Lake in the Nunavut region of northern Canada.  To access Arctic Haven we'll take a 90-minute flight on a 30 passenger bush plane out of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (NWT).  The lodge accommodates only 24 guests in total.  Here's a GoogleMaps link for Ennadai Lake.  Ennadai Lake is 52 miles long and 14 miles wide, it's part of the "annual migration route of the almost 250,000 strong Qamanirjuaq caribou herd. 

The  Arctic Haven Lodge has been owned and operated by the Weber family since 2014.  The Webers own the exclusive tour rights to hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness all around Ennadai Lake.  This means that in the field you will not see another human outside of our core group for the entire trip! 

The Arctic Haven has been the location hub of the two "Planet Earth Series" produced by BBC.  Serving as the hub for our own adventures, the Arctic Haven offers extraordinary opportunities for both wildlife, landscape and northern lights photography.

Wildflower raspberry dessert
Swimming caribou
spey fishing for Northern pike
Launching pack rafts
Bull Qamanirijuaq caribou
Casting from our custom fishing boats
Baffin Bay seared Turbot, BC greens and
Arctic Haven Lodge & Sauna
A wolverine
Sep 04 2019 Arctic Haven 1140
A bull caribou against the fall tundra c
A muskox
Northern Lights copy

What to Expect on your Adventure

This is a designated VisionQuest Photography expedition.  I have worked closely with Tessum from Weber Arctic to craft a unique offering tailored specifically for artists and photographers.

This is not a wildlife only focused photo tour.  Participants should expect to be engaged in a variety of photo pursuits.  All participants will have great wildlife, landscape, and northern lights (weather dependent of course) photo opportunities.

You can expect a different adventure every day.  We have three fully enclosed coast guard style boats, ATV's and a helicopter at our disposal.  Consider these as creative tools of the tundra that will help position us for the best encounters with nature.  Regardless of transport, participants should expect to do some hiking each day, (1-6 km). 

Planned Adventure Elements

• Sunrise & sunset photo excursions.

• Nature-based meditations and Rewilding Practices

• Open-door helicopter photography.  Safety harnesses supplied.

• Destination excursions away from the lodge to photograph northern lights.

• Destination hikes for the purpose of landscape/wildlife photography.

• Pre/Post tour webinars.

• Expert photographic guidance.

• Early & late light helicopter use.

• Flexible itinerary to accommodate changing weather conditions.

• Flexible meal times to accommodate photo excursions.

• On-site Image critique and processing sessions.

• Timelapse, video, and drone photography guidance.

This Tour is For You If...

• You have a desire for a safe and extremely comfortable guided experience into the remote wilderness of the Arctic.

• You want more than just pretty pictures from your time spent in nature. 

• You're intrigued by the idea of "Creative Rewilding". 

• You would like to learn how to establish a deeper more intimate and meaningful connection with the natural world. 

• You're ready to take your photographic creativity to the next level.

• You want to break-through limited and habitual ways of seeing and expressing yourself creatively. 

• You prefer small intimate group experiences focused on your creative learning. 

• Unplugging from the demands of your everyday reality for a few days seems really appealing.

Meet Your Tour Leader, Creative Guides and 

Mindfulness Outdoor Leaders

This is a tour like no other, a multidimensional experience you'll not find elsewhere.  We are not stuck on a boat for a week, or relegated short foot excursions around the lodge, this is a magnificent multi-faceted adventure, with a world-class team to support you. 

Our small group of 8 will have three guides assigned.  Two Weber Arctic tundra guides/photo assistants and one VisionQuest photography guide / creative coach.   



Shane McDermott

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Jessica Fern


Dave Hutchison

Meet Your Tundra Team & Owner Operators of Arctic Haven