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VisionQuest Photography


Ridgway, Colorado

October 1-3, 2020

Limited to only 5 Participants

Minimum 3 to run the event. 


$595 per person

for a Single Registration

$525 per person

for a Double Registration

Get straight to the heart of your creative brilliance

and Colorado's most spectacular display of color

Colorado is home to some of the best fall colors in the entire USA.  Every year the many mountainous regions around Colorado explode in an amazingly diverse kaleidoscope of color.  Nestled between the San Juan Mountains and the Uncompahgre Mountains, the Ridgway area offers some of the most diverse and spectacular photographic opportunities in all of Colorado.   


We'll split our time between these two beautiful mountain ranges exploring a different location each shoot.  You'll have great opportunities to photograph big scene panoramics as well as small scene intimates. Grand vistas dominate this landscape with miles and miles of golden aspens and lavishly colored ground foliage. 


However, it's not just about photographing beautiful scenery,   This tour is more about awakening your creative brilliance and learning the technical and artistic skills it takes to cultivate your true creative genius.  It's about learning to see, sense, and feel in new ways.  To create and tell new stories through powerful and evocative image-making.  

Awaken Your Creative Brilliance

Definitely expect great locations and incredibly dynamic conditions,  But, this is a VisionQuest photo excursion, so you can expect so much more.  We'll use our three days together for creative exploration and discovery into new ways of seeing and connecting with the beauty and transition of autumn. 


With VisionQuest Photo Tours there is a special emphasis on your personal creative experience and expression.  This includes both the technical and mechanical use of your camera but it doesn't stop there. 


Our cameras can only record what we can see and sense at the moment.  Throughout the tour we'll explore simple yet powerful practices that help us see, sense, and feel into the beauty we'll encounter in new and creative ways.  You'll learn how to couple precise technical capture with highly creative thought processes that will allow your artistic capacities to fully flourish. 


If you're wanting to take your creative expression to a completely new level, this tour will be a great fit for you!  

This Tour is For You If...

• You want more than just pretty pictures from your time spent in nature. 

• You would like to learn how to establish a deeper more intimate and meaningful connection with nature.  

• You're ready to take your photographic creativity to the next level.

• You want to break-through limited and habitual ways of seeing and expressing yourself creatively. 

• You prefer small intimate group experiences focused on your creative learning. 

• Unplugging from the demands of your everyday reality for a few days seems really appealing.

Aspens 3
Aspens 24
Aspens 27
Aspens 25
Aspens 15
Aspens 23

Travel Arrangements & Trip Logistics (Please read carefully)

This is a self-drive expedition (caravan style) due to COVID social distance mandates.  Participants are responsible for their own accommodations, transportation, and food.  We'll all meet in Ridgway, Colorado on Wednesday, September 30 at 6 PM for our initial meet and greet. 






• Packing a preparatory webinar ~ September 17, 7:30 PM.

• Three full days of immersive field instruction (3 sunrise shoots, and 3 sunset shoots).

• In field image critique and review. 

• Expert photographic field guidance.

• Technique demos including Long exposure, focus stacking, long lens landscapes, creative blurs, macro intimates, and more.

• Time to ask and practice all of your "how to's". 




• Accommodations while Ridgway.

• Travel medical insurance and trip cancellation/interruption insurance (optional).

• Any optional gratuities 

• Airfare to and from Denver International airport.

• Car rentals

• Meals while on the tour.

• Transportation to and from Ridgway (about 6 hours from Denver). 

• Personal items and camera gear. 




• POST PANDEMIC POLICY:  We live in a very different world now.  All workshop participants should definitely purchase travel cancellation insurance.  This is not mandatory, but I will not be issuing refunds if state borders are closed and travel restrictions prevent the workshop from happening. 

Trip Itinerary

Please be aware that all locations stated in this itinerary are subject to change. Each day I'll will determine which locations are best based on lighting and weather conditions. I want to give you the best possible photo opportunities


SEPTEMBER 17, 7:30 PM ~ Packing and preparation webinar. (45-60 minutes)

SEPTEMBER 30, 6 PM ~ Initial meet and greet dinner in Ridgway (location TBA during Sept. 17 packing and prep webinar)

OCTOBER 1, 5:30 -8:30 AM ~ Sunrise excursion, Mt. Sneffles. 

We'll all meet at 5:30 AM at Ridgway Mountain Market, 490 Sherman Street, Ridgway 

OCTOBER 1, 4:30 -7:30 PM ~ Sunset excursion, Last Dollar Road

We'll all meet at 4:30 PM at Ridgway Mountain Market, 490 Sherman Street, Ridgway 

OCTOBER 2, 5:30 -8:30 AM ~ Sunrise excursion, CR #7  

We'll all meet at 5:30 AM at Ridgway Mountain Market, 490 Sherman Street, Ridgway 

OCTOBER 2, 4:30 -7:30 PM ~ Sunset excursion, Owl Creek Pass

We'll all meet at 4:30 PM at Ridgway Mountain Market, 490 Sherman Street, Ridgway 

OCTOBER 3, 5:30 -8:30 AM ~ Sunrise excursion, CR #9

We'll all meet at 5:30 AM at Ridgway Mountain Market, 490 Sherman Street, Ridgway 

OCTOBER 3, 4:30 -7:30 PM ~ Sunset excursion, Owl Creek Pass

We'll all meet at 4:30 PM Ridgway Mountain Market, 490 Sherman Street, Ridgway 

Meet Your Tour Leader, Creative Guide 

 & Mindfulness Outdoor Leader

This is a tour like no other, a multidimensional experience you'll not find elsewhere. Although this is a photo tour, you'll learn and experience so much more.  Shane is a highly experienced teacher of photography, yoga, meditation, and creative coaching.  He is compassionate, exceptionally patient, and thoughtful in his approach and cares deeply about each student's creative process.  Shane works tirelessly to assure you come away from your experience with greater creative capacity and confidence.



Shane McDermott


Single Participant Registration

Two Participant Registration ~ Save $140

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